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About Mandy

Hello and welcome! I’m Mandy Sims, an expert in the field of personal and professional development. I use my years of experience as an environmental trainer and facilitator, as well as being a qualified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to offer excellent coaching, training and facilitation to individuals and groups in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

I have been working in the field of personal and professional development for 16 years, originally as a trainer, facilitator and coach at Losehill Hall, the Peak District National Park Authority’s Environmental Training Centre, and over the last 4 years have been successfully expanding my freelance business.

Prior to this, I was a co-director, writer and performer for a theatre-in-education company, and earlier still, a registered nurse. Communicating well with all sorts of people is what my life’s work is about.

I am inspired by helping people to make the very best of themselves, both in their work and out of it. What drives me is to see someone make positive changes or to discover something new about themselves that gives them greater confidence to take action.


My coaching clients want to identify and achieve personal goals, and my style of coaching, which is honest, insightful, warm and sensible, helps them to do that.

As an individual, you may be lacking direction or self-belief, you may feel overwhelmed by work, or you may want to try out new possibilities to help fulfil your potential.

As a manager, you may be looking for a coach to help improve the performance of your team members. Some may want help with self-confidence, some with presentation at meetings and events, and others with being more effective.

I offer flexible, one-to-one coaching at a time and place to suit you.

Recent clients include:

  • Senior manager of an arts and health organisation
  • Medical doctor seeking General Practitioner qualification
  • Owner and manager of a company providing national art courses
  • Parks and countryside officer
  • Manager of a woodland visitor facility
  • Early Years professional lecturer / tutor
  • Head of an environmental learning centre
  • Art of Brilliance – as a coach to secondary school students


Excellent quality training can change lives, and certainly changes the way that people work. I devise and deliver training that is always of the highest standard. Whether short workshops or longer programmes, my training…

  • Starts where the learners are
  • Taps into the learners’ preferred learning styles
  • Pays attention to the detail
  • Is adaptable and flexible to meet training needs that change as the training progresses

I have many years of experience in providing training in the following areas:

  • Learning and development
  • Environmental education
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Environmental and heritage interpretation

Recent work includes:

  • Devising and delivering a Facilitation Skills Training Day for the Trent Rivers Trust
  • Developing and delivering a workshop: Creative Reviewing in the Outdoors for the Lindley Educational Trust
  • Preparing and running a training day for the Peak District National Park Authority’s Learning and Discovery Team
  • Devising and delivering a Creative Thinking Techniques workshop for English Heritage
  • Creating and running the nationally-­recognised training programme, Education in the Countryside, inspiring hundreds of professionals across the UK to do innovative, exciting work with children and young people.
  • Devising and delivering a workshop for the Mosaic project, about leading inspirational guided walks and visits to the national park.


Good facilitation makes meetings, workshops and consultation events as enjoyable and effective as possible. If you have ever come away from a meeting involving a large group of people, feeling that there was a lack of clarity, that it was hard to participate, and that it was of little benefit, then it could probably have done with some expert facilitation.

I work as a facilitator for a great range of clients, and my aims are always the same: to ensure that the client’s objectives are achieved in the shortest time, with the optimum input from everyone and maximum enjoyment for all involved.

My style is inclusive, adaptable and very well organised. I ensure that all participants feel welcomed and comfortable, and fully engage in the issues and questions, confident that their voices have been listened to.

I use a range of creative techniques, often devising new ones where necessary, to keep participants on track and make the best use of time.

Examples of occasions when good facilitation can ensure success:

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Public consultation events
  • Customer focus groups
  • Visioning and innovation workshops
  • Project or service reviews
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Partnership and steering group meetings

Recent clients include:


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